OBRC-Uganda Programs

Strategic Issues

OBRC-Uganda’s strategy is anchored on its national outlook on a matter of global importance. Human rights issues are countrywide, observable and concern of all the citizenry. On line facilities both soft and hard ware are now widely available to many Ugandans. Use of these platforms for observance of human rights is in nascent stages. This will be the positioning of OBRC-Uganda.

Strategic Positioning

The external and internal analyses culminate into the following key issues that merit attention by OBRC-Uganda over the next five years:

• Exploiting technology for quality information management

• Enhancing research and innovation

• Enhancing partnerships and collaborations

• Enhancing human rights observance capacity

• Ensuring resource mobilization

• Establishing internal governance, leadership and management systems

Organisational Goals

Goal 1: To advocate for cost effective access of internet services in Uganda

Goal 2: To campaign for an enabling legal framework that makes use of internet free of abuses of human rights

Goal 3: To conduct Research on human rights, internet usage and attendant topical issues and disseminate such information to improve human rights observance

Goal 4: To set up institutional structures and systems for OBRC-Uganda live its mission

Goal 5: To reach out to nodes of communities connected through internet for streamlining of human rights in all civil and political functions in public and private institutions countrywide