Online Based Rights Centre - Uganda

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    Mission Statement

    To productively use the internet and related facilities to create a community of defenders of human rights

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    A society widely aware of and working to preserve human rights through internet facilities

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    Partnership / Contact

    To partner with Online Based Rights Centre - Uganda for any humanitarian assistance, kindly contact us via our email and our telephone lines. Thank you


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About Online Based Rights Centre - Uganda

The global environment has continued to change. One key driver is ICT – Information Community Technology. We can no longer under estimate the impact this can create in all human endeavor. Social media platforms, mailing lines, debating nodes, individual access networks, mass broadcasters and learning boards are all available. When well harnessed these are rich avenues to add on the concerted efforts for building human rights observance across society. Online Based Rights Centre (OBRC) - Uganda sets out to make significant contributions towards human rights issues.

The following values will underpin the operations of RBC, the behavior of actors guide the implementation of strategic plan:

Compassion: It is the deep understanding of and empathy for the suffering and concerns of others and the need to promptly respond.

Transparency: We shall ensure that whatever we do is clear of intrigue and provides public accountability of our works and resources

Integrity: The Centre will zealously provide services that are reflective of the best practices and adhering to high moral and ethical principles of the civil society.

Innovativeness: Innovativeness and adaptability to change are key to continuous improvement in any initiative involves ICT.

Human rights issues are countrywide, observable and a concern of all the citizenry. Online facilities both software and hardware are now widely available to many Ugandans. Use of these platforms for observance of human rights is in nascent stages and OBRC - Uganda plans to utilise these resources in order to achieve its goals.

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